Welcome to our english version of our webpages!

We have puppy plans for 2020, look at our puppy page for more information

Description of our dogs with pedigree and upcoming puppies will be published here and on the Norwegian pages. On the Norwegian pages we will also have news about dogs from our breeding and show results. The news posted on «siste nytt» have an english version at the end.




Our males


N UCH Marrous De Bigerionnes

HD: A and AD 0 Pedigree Marrous is our import from France from breeder Richard Capel. He is a fantastic boy with a lot of character and charm. You just can’t help falling in love with this guy. He loves to play with our buhund Tomine. He has been a fan of her since he […]

Our Females


Kilago’s Dexi Davina

HD:  B    AD: 0/0      Knees: 0/0      DM-Free Pedigree Davina is our first to stay at home from our own breeding. She is a very cute talking girl. She always has a lot to say when you meet her. She have strong bone and well built body. When we are out […]

Kilago’s Ellie Electra

HD: A  AD: 0 Knees:0/0 DM-Free Pedigree Ellie is something else, the opposite of her halfsister Davina. Ellie is on the go and where things are happening all the time. She is a good mix of her parents. When she gets out in the morning she have her regular routine. She have to walk between […]